So now it’s proven.  Whether it’s too much rain or too little, the weather can really mess with your head.

It was a week ago and we were marooned in our apartment yet again.  The rain was falling hard, hissing and roaring as it pooled in the gutters. We were stuck.  No food. No car.  No way out.

I resorted to the internet.

Search term: “bad weather bad mood”.

Not surprisingly the results were phenomenal.

Researchers in Australia say extreme weather events can affect your mood.  After 8 weeks of relentless rain in Vila, I’m pretty sure most people here would agree.

Taken just a week apart.  They really are the same place….

That was of course, until we experienced Saturday.

Glorious is a word I don’t often use.  It’s one of those terms you reserve for a hymn book, or a grandmother, or someone far more proper than me.  That said, I can’t think of a better word than glorious to describe this weekend.

We woke up slowly, listening for the diligent march of raindrops on our roof.


No rain.

Mild hysteria set in.  The morning was a flurry of mad packing and crazy laughter as we made our way to a local island.

They practically had our names on them…

Toby in his speedos….he thinks they make him look European….

Pure white. I purposefully didn’t include the photo of my bruised feet, it kind of ruined the effect.

I don’t know how to describe the sheer beauty.  The glassy turquoise waters, the way they lay flat and still like mirrors over the coral. The vivid colours that burst from the landscape.  Rich reds and vibrant blues that washed out every other memory.

I found myself hoping that the moment would never end.  Yet it’s funny, when the clouds rolled in just a little over 3 hours later, I was ready.  If I can have just a few days of sun like that, it makes the rain almost bearable.

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